Wiggle wiggle at Pumps

“You look like dat gal from the movie with al Pacino, the gal who falls in love with the mafia guy.  Calrlito’s way!” Roberto says.

“Sounds like me, ” I say laughing, getting off the stage, rolling down my little poly pink dress, a couple of Benjamins are strapped around my thighs. The shift is going alright. I join Roberto by the bar and order Mimosa.

Coming back to Pumps  felt like coming back to high school after walking barefoot on shatters, heated coal, after strong quakes of adulthood.

Walking down Grand street, past long, graffiti-painted blocks of car shops and structural miscellaneous felt better than an anxious walk of shame to Dolls or Fierce Dancers or Private Eyes or VIP or HQs or Lace.  An occasional burst of light coming out from a new bar is an indication of up and coming development. Bushwick is poppin’.  Make your dream come true – find your hipster apartment on Morgan avenue, across from Boar’s Head factory. Breathe pieces of clay and cement for free. Enjoy your hipster neighborhood just minutes away from Williamsburg, Metropolitan Avenue. Bushwick is the New Williamsburg  – where everyone wants to be.  Forget about quintessential boring, touristy Upper East Side. East Village has been dead for decades. Had Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac lived today, they would have moved to Bushwick, dismayed by corporate and commercial look and feel of the EV.  The world is dying to be in Williamsburg. The new young white collar class is vacating their classy apartments for the new state-of- the- art development overlooking the East River. Can’t afford Williamsburg? No worries. Bushwick is poppin’ … Contact your local broker Fritz J today.

But it doesn’t only smell clay, cement and structural miscellaneous. A pleasant sweet scent of corn breaks in my nostrils. It smells tortilla from Tortilla Factory. I enjoy the walk.

Black n’ white poster sign hangs on a two-story brick building near the gas station in the middle of an industrial hole. But there’s a promise of fun time  – boobies, hineys, a variety of affordable liquor,  no cover fee on the first floor; on the second – a rehearsal music studio.  Feel thirsty? Get a bottle of water  which is  Filtered Through the Finest G-strings in Brooklyn. Welcome to Pumps.


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