A Trip to the Hamptons. Real n’ Weird

New York City was covered in august sweat, drunk and stinky from the summer heat. The subway rats could barely move, unimpressed with gluten-free organic pizza crusts from Whole Foods. The rats reluctantly relocated their sly long tales from heated tracks into conditioned subway cars, leaving their cool tales hanging next to smelly feet of … More A Trip to the Hamptons. Real n’ Weird

Nuclear Frenemy

  I thought that an oxymoron frenemy was fiction until I met Nikki at Penthouse. She was one of the few real natural blonds, a vanilla leaf in bitches brew of hot Puerto Ricans, Brazilians and other exotic blends. Nikki and I had things in common — a law degree, past experience of corporate jobs and … More Nuclear Frenemy

Hope of Deliverance

Dimmed lights. Fancy dinnerware, large dinner plates with a printed logo of Robert’s Steakhouse. I sit on the second floor of Robert’s Steakhouse at Penthouse, dressed in a long shiny blue gown, working on a huge portion of medium-rare steak, slowly chewing small juicy meat bites, sipping a glass of fine red. It’s only eight … More Hope of Deliverance

Adventures in Southlandia

The afternoon sun is baking drunk pies on Bourbon street. Neon signs are always on. The street is swarming with curious tourists, easy going couples, cheerful bachelorettes and bachelors sipping their tall Hurricanes. In the dressing room of Scores on Bourbon street I meet the most thrilling girls in the world. Dancers. Hustlers. Artists. MamaWolves. … More Adventures in Southlandia